Baby Shower For Pastors Ryan and Elise

On Sunday, March 17th after Worship. 
            Men and women are welcome.                                                                                                                                           Lunch will be provided.


March 9th is Pasty Day

We’ll need: 
    Orders by Friday, March 1st 
    Helpers for Prep Friday, March 8th 
    Helpers for Pasty Day Sat. March 9th 
           Hope you are able to help! 

UMW Celebrating 150 Years

United Methodist Women had our first meeting for 2019 in February.   We are hoping to raise awareness during this the 150th year of our predecessor mission groups that became United Methodist Women.  Our mission giving funds programs in 110 countries internationally and 92 nationally.  I hope to highlight just a few during this year.  The UMW website ( has lots of history and interesting items on it. 
        Thanks for your support in our different activities through the year which also helps support the national and international programs of United Methodist Women.

Missions Recognized

Congratulations to Phyllis Johnson for receiving a   Special Mission Recognition from United Methodist Women.  Each year we honor an extraordinary woman in our unit with a donation in her name toward a global mission project.  Phyllis was noted for her generosity, talent, humble nature, party planning skills, and great sense of humor.  We heard of adventures from childhood, her involvement in our church family starting with Sunday School and MYF, mission trips with MYF and later years serving on Pastor/Parish, Worship, Ad Board and our building project.  She is our “go to” person for so many things and we are happy to recognize her!  


Our meeting on Tue. Sept. 11th at 5:30 at church is our annual planning meeting with a potluck meal.  *drink and dessert will be provided*   This is an important meeting as it will determine our budget and activities for 2019 and will be helpful if we have many planners!    

Hope to see you there!  Jane Yaeger 

Evelyn Meiner Circle